In addition to unarmed practice, there is also weapons training.

The weapon is not a tool, but a necessity. The correct handling of the weapons gives a better insight into the Aikido techniques. The use of weapons also gives an extra dimension to an attack. The aikidoka sharpens his senses and reflexes in a way that is almost impossible without weapons. In addition to the individual exercises, there is also practice with a partner.


We practice with Jo (staff), Bokken (wooden sword) and Tanto (dagger). The jo is derived from the spear, but is shorter and, unlike the spear, has no metal point. The bokken (in the picture 2 different types) is a wooden practice sword derived from the katana, the metal sword used by the samurai. The tanto is a wooden knife, derived from a metal knife with one cutting edge.


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  • Clothing

    To practice aikido you do not need much in the first place. The beginning Aikidoka is already ready for his first lessons with a pair of slippers and nice loose clothing. After a few introductory lessons, if the decision has been taken to continue with Aikido, the step to an aikido-suit is a good...

  • Weapons

    In addition to unarmed practice, there is also weapons training.

  • Etiquette

    As with any sport, aikido also has agreements with regard to dealing with each other and behavior in the dojo. Below you will find some general guidelines.

  • Glossary

    Some words, expressions, courtesies, etc. that are frequently used during training and seminars.

  • Shimizu Sensei

    Short biography of Kenji Shimizu.

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